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The logo of minor league baseball team Corpus Christi Hooks bears nothing in common with that of its parent team, the Houston Astros, neither in its color palette nor in the shape of the elements.

Meaning and history

Corpus Christi Hooks Logo history

The club started playing in 1968 as the Memphis Blues. Today, they are part of the Texas League and have the second highest level of play (Double-A). The name of the team reflects its home city (they are based in Corpus Christi, Texas) and is also a nod to the local fishing history.

Corpus Christi Hooks logo

Primary symbol

Corpus Christi Hooks symbol

The centerpiece of the Corpus Christi Hook logo (2005) is the lettering “Hooks” where the two “o’s” are depicted as parts of fish hooks. The hooks, therefore, hang down below the text. To emphasize the hooks, the designer colored them in a lighter shade than the rest of the word. The banner with the lettering “Corpus Christi” can be seen above.


Corpus Christi Hooks emblem

In addition to the primary Corpus Christi Hook logo, there’s a range of logos fitting within the same family. One of them features an anthropomorphized hook with a baseball bat. Another sports two hooks on the dark blue background.


Corpus Christi Hooks Logo baseball

The palette is built up of silver, two shades of blue, red, and white. Some of the colors have been borrowed from the flag of the state of Texas.