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In 1992, Portland was awarded an Eastern League baseball franchise. Team president Charlie Eshbach pointed out that choosing a name wasn’t an easy task. Although a “Name the Team” contest was held bringing about over 650 names, none of them seemed to fit as they didn’t give a chance to develop a mascot.

Meaning and history

Portland Sea Dogs Logo history

The author of the Portland Sea Dogs logo is Guy Gilchrist, also known as the creator of the Muppets and Nancy comic strips.

1994 — 2002

Portland Sea Dogs Logo 1994Guy Gilchrist, American cartoonist and country musician, also took part in developing the brand identity. Initially, he introduced a drawing of a puffin. Still, the team decided that a puffin wasn’t exactly a great fighting name. Then, one day, Gilchrist came up with the name “Sea Dogs,” which was an instant hit.

2003 — Today

Portland Sea Dogs logo

The main Portland Sea Dogs logo features a seal jumping through a large red “P.” The seal is biting a baseball bat. Above him, there’s the name of the team, which looks unusual because of the ends of the “S” and “G” that are shaped like a seal’s tail.


Portland Sea Dogs Logo baseball

The seal is grey, the name of the team is given in black and navy blue, the large “P” is red, while the bat is yellow. And yet, only three of the colors – black, navy, and red – are the team’s official ones.