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WEY is a luxury automotive brand under Great Wall Motors, a major Chinese car manufacturer. It focuses on producing premium SUVs, blending advanced technology with sophisticated design. Named after the ancient Chinese state of Wei, the brand symbolizes luxury and innovation. WEY’s creation reflects China’s ambition to compete in the global high-end auto market, emphasizing luxury, technology, and performance. It represents a significant shift in China’s automotive industry, aiming to redefine the luxury car segment.

Meaning and history

WEY, a subsidiary of China’s Great Wall Motors, was founded in 2016, marking a bold foray into the luxury SUV segment. Named after the ancient Chinese state of Wei, WEY signifies a blend of historical richness with modern innovation. The brand’s inception symbolizes China’s evolving automotive landscape, aiming to challenge established global luxury marques. WEY’s journey began with a focus on high-end features, advanced technology, and distinctive design, all while emphasizing China’s growing prowess in automotive engineering. The brand quickly gained recognition for integrating cutting-edge technologies like intelligent connectivity and autonomous driving features.

WEY’s models, like the VV7 and VV5, garnered attention for their blend of luxury, performance, and affordability, challenging the notion of luxury being synonymous with Western brands. WEY’s global aspirations were evident as it showcased its advancements at international auto shows, indicating China’s ambition to be a key player in the global luxury automotive market. This journey of WEY is not just about creating premium vehicles but also about redefining China’s position in the high-end automotive sector.

What is WEY?
WEY is a pioneering luxury SUV brand under China’s Great Wall Motors, established in 2016 to innovate in the high-end vehicle segment. It stands out for blending advanced technology with sophisticated design, representing a significant stride in China’s journey towards global automotive leadership. WEY symbolizes a fusion of historical heritage and modern luxury, redefining perceptions of Chinese automotive craftsmanship.

2016 – Today

WEY logo

The emblem features a stylized, abstract representation suggestive of a battery with a charge level indicator, exuding a modern, technological vibe. Below the emblem, the inscription “WEY” implies a unique brand name, adding intrigue and distinctiveness to the design. The logo features the word “WEY” in bold, uppercase letters, accompanied by a sleek, metallic vertical badge. The overall impression is that of a contemporary logo associated with energy, efficiency, and innovation.

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