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Trion SuperCars is an American-based automaker specializing in the production of high-performance hypercars. Founded by Richard Patterson, the company’s vision is to craft vehicles that combine luxury with extreme performance. Operating primarily out of the United States, Trion aims to challenge the established names in the supercar industry by delivering groundbreaking designs and engineering feats.

Meaning and history

Trion SuperCars Logo

Trion SuperCars, initiated by Richard Patterson in the U.S., has set its mark as a prominent hypercar manufacturer. Since its inception, the company’s dedication to intertwining luxury with unrivaled performance has been evident. Some of its notable achievements include conceptualizing innovative vehicle designs and pioneering advanced engineering solutions. Today, Trion SuperCars remains steadfast in its mission, continually pushing the boundaries to redefine the supercar paradigm.

What is Trion SuperCars?
Trion SuperCars is an American automaker that focuses on crafting high-performance hypercars. Established by Richard Patterson, the company strives to blend luxury with peak performance in the automobile world.