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WeChat is an application for text and voice information, developed almost 6 years ago. The program can be used by owners of iPhones, as well as smartphones with Android operating systems, owners of PCs, and laptops. Already in 2013, the application was used by 300 million customers (outside of China this figure was much smaller, but impressive – about 70 million people).

Meaning and history

WeChat Logo history

WeChat is the Chinese version of WhatsApp, and this is one of the main advantages of the app. What are we talking about? Everyone knows that using foreign apps in China is not easy, some of them get banned, and Facebook and Twitter don’t work at all. Also, without a proxy, you can’t use Google or download the original version of Skype. While no problems are using WeChat in this country.

The similarity with WhatsApp is noticeable not only in the functions and the idea of the application itself but also in the visual identity. The WeChat logo is very reminiscent of the familiar green-and-white icon.

The same color scheme is used for the logo, but in this case, the white color prevails, because the dialog boxes are not circled, as in the case of WhatsApp, but completely fixed, having only two gray or black beady eyes each. There is also a version with two dialogue clouds in green placed on a white background.

The application is adapted not only for mobile devices but also for PCs. In addition, a web version of the program has recently appeared, so it can be used by owners of smartwatches. Users who are registered in China, among other things, can use the electronic wallet Wallet, for visitors from other countries the function is not yet available.

In general, WeChat is a very useful and convenient application with many different functions and features for users. In addition, using the program is easy, much is clear at an intuitive level.

What is WeChat?
WeChat is a mobile application, created in China and launched in 2011. Initially, the app was an instant messenger, which allowed its users to exchange texts and media files, but by today WeChat has grown into a popular social media platform and even developed its payment system.

2011 – 2019

WeChat Logo 2011

The very first version of the WeChat logo was introduced in 2011 and used the same elements we all can see today. Though it was a more complicated logo. Two overlapping dialogue clouds — the smaller white over the bigger green one, both with dark gray eyes — were placed on a dark gray, almost black, horizontally stretched rectangular background, on the left from the “WeChat” inscription, written in the same green and white color palette (with “We” in green and “Chat” in white), and executed in a bold modern sans-serif typeface with rounded smooth angles yet distinct straight cuts of the bars’ ends.

2019 – Today

WeChat Logo

The redesign of 2019 kept the main recognizable elements of the WeChat visual identity, though significantly simplified the overall concept. Now two clouds were redrawn in a more voluminous way, with some gradients over the green and white matte bodies. This symbol is used as an emblem, on the official logotype, and as an icon. In the first case, is it placed on a white background on the left from the thin and elegant dark gray “WeChat” logotype, written in a classy and light sans-serif font.

WeChat Icon

WeChat Icon

As already mentioned, for the icon WeChat uses its instantly recognizable overlapping clouds icon. Several color options are available here (from black and white to different shades of green on white). The current official icon features slightly matte and three-dimensional images in green and white.

The icon can be set on a solid square background with rounded angles, or inside the dark circle, outlines in thick white contour. Whatever the choice is, the WeChat icon today is almost as recognizable as its “western” sister, the WhatsApp icon.

Font and color

The lightweight title case inscription from the official logo of WeChat is set in medium gray color and uses a very clean and delicate sans-serif typeface, which is very close to such iconic fonts as Myriad Light and SST Hebrew Light.

As for the color palette of the WeChat visual identity, it is based on a combination of green and gradient white-to-silver for the emblem, and gray for the lettering. Green adds a sense of energy and growers to the feelings of protection and reliability, which are being evoked by the white and gray shades in the logo.

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