GitHub Logo

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GitHub Logo
Users of version control systems are sure to know the identity mark of GitHub Inc., the largest Git hosting service that boasts of having over 28 million users. Its logos are simple and memorable.

Meaning and history

GitHub Logo history

A group of programmers from San Francisco built the website with Ruby on Rails in 2007, and the web-based business was started in 2008.
The first GitHub logo was a wordmark. They were a new business and needed to make their name known to the target audience, so they included the name of their business and below it the slogan “Social coding”. The extra bold sans serif font used for the name is in lowercase, representing simplicity, and rounded, which can be interpreted as a desire for transparency. The slogan, just the other way round, is written in all caps, though the size of the letters is half the size of the “github”. All this creates a contrast adding visual interest to the composition.

Current Symbol

GitHub Symbol
In 2013 the developers updated the lettering in the logo. Now the name of the service is presented in the way it is usually written ‒ GitHub, that is the letters “G” and “H” are uppercase and the others are lowercase.
The new GitHub logo is even more laconic than the previous one, as it consists of only “GitHub”. The slogan has gone. Perhaps, the developers considered this information superfluous, as people already knew what services they offered.

The Cat Logo

GitHub cat logo
By that time the founders had acquired the image of a cat-headed octopus from its creator the graphic designer Simon Oxley to use it for their mascot logo. The character’s name was Octopuss. GitHub renamed it to Octocat and registered the mascot and the new name.
This GitHub logo is the outline of the front profile of a cat with a tail inside a circle. To play with the contrast they made the cat white and the background black.