Victory Logo

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Victory is a brand of a Motorcycles manufacturing company from the USA which was established in 1997 and discontinued in 2018. The brand was owned by Polaris Group. Victory is known for using the same type of engines as Harley-Davidson.

Meaning and history

The Victory brand existed for only twenty years but had a very strong visual identity.

The Victory logo is composed of an emblem with the nameplate placed on it. The emblem features a bold and sharp letter “V” in a silver frame. The “V” is not only the first letter of the brand’s name but also a symbol of the V-twin engines, the company was famous for.

The intense red of the emblem is balanced by a long rectangular, horizontally placed on it. It boasts a cold silver tone of the background, as the frame of the “V”.

Victory Logo

The wordmark is located on a rectangular and is executed in black all capital lettering, written in a strong sans-serif typeface. The clean lines and rounded angles of the nameplate add a sense of reliability and confidence.

The Victory logo looks very masculine and brutal due to its sharp shapes and bold lines. The wordmark is accompanied by the “Motorcycles” tagline in fine widely spaced gray lettering placed on a thick black line under the “Victory” inscription.