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Velorex, a name that rings synonymous with unique automotive designs, was primarily based in the Czech Republic. The company rose to prominence for manufacturing distinctive three-wheeled cars. Historically, the brand was a brainchild of the Brothers František and Mojmir Stránský. Velorex didn’t just remain confined to its birthplace but expanded its operations across various parts of Europe, making it a notable figure in the automobile landscape of the region. Today, while Velorex vehicles aren’t as commonly seen on roads, their legacy remains a testimony to unconventional engineering and design.

Meaning and history

Velorex Logo history

Established in the picturesque locales of the Czech Republic, Velorex stands as a testament to innovative automotive creation. Founded by the Stránský brothers, František and Mojmir, during the mid-20th century, the brand quickly carved a niche for itself. Velorex’s crowning achievements lie in its production of three-wheeled cars, which were not only a commercial success but also a symbol of distinct craftsmanship. These cars drew attention for their unique design, combining both aesthetics and functionality. As the years rolled on, the popularity of these vehicles saw a decline. However, Velorex’s mark in the annals of automotive history remains indelible, representing a blend of innovation and tradition.

What is Velorex?
Velorex was a prominent automaker from the Czech Republic, renowned for producing unique three-wheeled cars. Founded by the Stránský brothers in the mid-20th century, the company combined innovative designs with practical engineering, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of automobiles.

1950 – 1954

Velorex Logo 1950

The Velorex logo presents itself in a commanding blue tone, an emblematic color of trust and reliability. The typography is distinctly modern, with its sleek curvature and pronounced thickness. Letters are juxtaposed in such a manner that suggests movement, mirroring the essence of the word “Velo” which often relates to speed. The legibility of the logo is accentuated by the spacing between characters, making it easily identifiable even from a distance. The streamlined design, devoid of unnecessary embellishments, embodies professionalism and forward momentum.

1954 – 1973

Velorex Logo

The Velorex logo embraces an elegant grayscale palette, exuding a sense of sophistication. With cursive strokes and an intertwined design, the typography reminisces of classic signatures from bygone eras. The elongated “V” anchors the logo, leading the eye across the gentle arches and troughs of the subsequent letters. The subtle underline further elevates the brand’s perceived value, hinting at an underline of quality and distinction. This logo seems to cater to an audience that appreciates vintage charm intertwined with modern sensibilities, making it apt for luxury brands.