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Polaris, a distinguished Russian home appliance brand established in 1996 in Moscow, was founded by the Israeli entrepreneur Joseph Avchuk. This brand, known for its global manufacturing presence, primarily operates its production facilities in China. Polaris is under the ownership of the global holding, Texton Corporation LLC.

Meaning and history

Polaris is a dynamic and innovative company with a focus on manufacturing a wide range of household appliances. Established in 1996, Polaris quickly made its mark in the consumer goods market. Their product line includes small kitchen appliances, cleaning systems, and climate equipment, reflecting a commitment to making everyday life more comfortable and convenient.

The company’s growth trajectory showcases its commitment to quality and innovation. Polaris places a strong emphasis on research and development, ensuring their products incorporate the latest technologies and meet high standards of functionality and design. This approach has helped them to build a loyal customer base and expand their market reach.

Sustainability and customer satisfaction are key pillars of Polaris’s business philosophy. They invest in eco-friendly technologies and aim to provide exceptional after-sales service. The company’s dedication to these principles has earned them a respected place in the household appliance industry.

Polaris’s journey from a local player to an internationally recognized brand is a testament to their adaptability and forward-thinking approach. They continue to evolve, always seeking to improve and innovate in their product offerings and business practices.

What is Polaris?
Polaris is a renowned manufacturer of household appliances, established in 1996. The company specializes in a diverse range of products, from kitchen gadgets to climate control systems, aiming to enhance the convenience and comfort of daily living. Known for its innovative approach, Polaris emphasizes sustainable technology and exceptional customer service, securing its position as a trusted brand in the consumer goods market.


Polaris logo

The logo features the brand name “POLARIS” in a distinctive, custom typeface with clean, geometric lines, and a confident blue color palette. The lettering style is modern with a creative twist. The phrase “since 1995” is subtly included, underscoring the brand’s longstanding presence. The overall design conveys a blend of contemporary sophistication and a commitment to tradition.

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