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Vertex is an American pharmaceutical company, founded in 1989 by Joshua Boyer and Kevin J. Kinsella in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today Vertex has grown into a reputable global biotechnology company with big investments in scientific technologies.

Meaning and history

Vertex Logo

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is an American pharmaceutical company. Vertex is engaged in the development of various methods of cystic fibrosis treatment, which strengthens the company’s position in this market. On average, 1 out of 2.5 thousand newborns in the world has this genetic disease. Modern drugs allow prolonging the life of such patients by up to 30-45 years.
Companies such as Vertex Pharmaceuticals, which specialize in the treatment of rare genetic diseases, have an advantage over many other healthcare companies in the new pandemic economy. Vertex is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of cystic fibrosis drugs. Tricafta is approved to treat approximately 90% of all people with cystic fibrosis.

What Is Vertex?
Vertex Pharmaceuticals is the name of an American biopharmaceutical company, which was established in Massachusetts at the end of the 1980s. The company develops and distributes such medicine as Telaprevir, Ivacaftor, Lumacaftor, and Tezacaftor. The main focus of the company is the production of cystic fibrosis treatments.

As for the visual identity, for many years now Vertex has been loyal to one logo design, which looks very confident and professional. The badge is based on the lettering with an addition of a geometric graphical element.

???? — Today

The Vertex logo is very modern and sharp due to its color palette and geometry. The bold serif wordmark in the uppercase wordmark is executed in a classic medium shade of grey and is set in the middle of the badge, horizontally diving a purple triangle into two parts.
The purple triangle, sitting on its base, represents stability and at the same time the brand’s evolution in scientific research. Triangle is also known to be a symbol of power and intelligence. And all of these meanings apply to the company’s activity and philosophy just perfectly.
Sometimes under the main part of the Vertex logo, you can see the company’s motto, “The Science of Possibility”, which is set in the same shade of gray, as the bold logotype, but uses a clean and lightweight sans-serif font for all the characters but the cursive lowercase “OF”.

Font and color

The Vertex wordmark from the primary version of the pharmaceutical company’s logo is executed in a classic and bold serif font and adds confidence to the brand. The closes type for the one used in this insignia is, probably, ITC Tiepolo Black, but with the contours of some letters modified. As for the tagline of the badge, its uppercase letters are set in a modern geometric sans-serif, which is most likely one of the Futura Family fonts.
The Vertex visual identity color palette is composed of deep purple and grey, which all elements set on a white background. Purple is often associated with power, ambition, and wisdom, while timeless grey is a reflection of the brand’s conservative approach in terms of its relationships with its customers, and its stability in taking the leading positions in the international market.