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Novo Nordisk is a famous European pharmaceutical company, which was established in 1923 in Denmark and today operates in more than 150 countries worldwide. The company is best known for its diabetes medicine and devices.

Meaning and history

Novo Nordisk has a remarkable and instantly recognizable visual identity, which is composed of a logotype and a massive emblem above it.

The Pharmaceutical corp’s emblem is a stylized image of an Egyptian Apis Bull, which was a sacred animal, representing strength and fertility. The drawing is based on the ancient statuette and has a lot of meanings and symbols in it. You can see the graphical interpretation of day and night, life and death on the sacred bull, but its main meaning is giving birth to gods, creating new life.

The two shades of the blue color palette of the Novo Nordisk logo are a reflection of security and protection, it shows a professional and stable company, which values the health and well being of its customers above all. The unique brand’s logo is a symbol of reborn and growth, and this is what the company tends to do every day.

Novo Nordisk Emblem

Sometimes the logo is drawn in blue contours and placed on a white background, with the white body of the mascot bull. This version also looks strong and creates a feeling of loyalty and purity.

What is Novo Nordisk?
Novo Nordisk is the name of a Danish pharmaceutical company, which was established at the beginning of the 1930s, and by today has grown into one of the largest European companies in its segment, operating in more than 150 countries worldwide.


The wordmark in all the lowercase letters is executed in a modern and elegant sans-serif typeface, which is similar to FF Signa Round Pro, an architectural font, created by Danish designer Ole Berntsen Sondergaard in 2017. The typeface perfectly represents the brand with its progressive approach and its willingness to grow and develop.

The clean and neat lines of the sophisticated yet solid inscription evoke a sense of reliability and authority of the company, showing it as a contemporary and progressive at the same time.

Novo Nordisk Logo


Novo Nordisk is a very innovative company, they were one of the first pharmaceutical brands to working with artificial intelligence. The company integrates the latest robotics technologies in its research and manufacturing, which gives amazing results in terms of creating new effective medication formulas.

The company with more than 90 years of experience is the world’s largest provider of insulin and other diabetes drugs and devices. It is also widely known for its hormonal therapy medications and rare bleeding disorders treatments.

Novo Nordisk is in the top 100 of the Fortune 500 list of the world’s best employers, having more than 40 thousand employees worldwide. The brand provides people in 180 counties across the globe with its high-quality and effective medications and is trusted by millions of clients.