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Roche is the second biggest pharmaceutical company in the world. It was founded in 1896 by Fritz Hoffman-La Roche in Switzerland. In 1934 Roche became the first company to mass-produce synthetic vitamin C.

Meaning and history

Roche Logo

The Roche logo has been the brand’s symbol for over 60 years. It consists of the Roche wordmark placed in a hexagon.

The geometry of the logo has become the primary element that showcases the brand. Hexagon figure symbolizes the Universe, harmony and balance.

The Roche logo color palette is blue and white. Blue color has a calming effect and gives a feeling of trust, confidence and the brand’s professionalism.

The wordmark is executed in smooth font with soft and clean lines, which inspires safety and serenity.

What is Roche?
Roche is a European pharmaceutical company, established in 1896 and headquartered in Switzerland. Apart from its main specialization, the company also operates in medical diagnostics. Roche sells its medicine internationally.

Font and color

The simplicity of the Roche logo is a bit misleading, as it takes a lot of design work to balance all letters and lines, as it was done here. The main element of the badge is, of course, the wordmark, which is set in the title case of a stick and solid sans-serif typeface, looking quite similar to the Climbing Nevis Regular font. The letters are narrowed, yet still, look very stable and harmonized in terms of the thickness of their lines and the spacing between them.

As for the color palette, like many pharmaceutical and IT companies, Roche chose blue as its corporate shade. Blue is the color that reflects trustworthiness and professionalism best, and in the field, the Swiss company operates on these qualities are the most important.

The plain white background of the Roche badge elevates the meaning of the blue hue and adds a sense of loyalty and transparency to the company’s characteristics.