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Splat is a company specializing in innovative oral care products. Founded by Evgeny Demin and his wife Elena Demina, Splat emphasizes eco-friendliness and effective oral hygiene solutions. Operating across various countries, including Russia, the UK, and the USA, Splat has made a significant impact on the global oral care market by introducing unique and advanced products. Its commitment to sustainable practices and high-quality ingredients has set a new standard in the industry, with a broad range of products from toothpaste to mouthwashes that cater to diverse consumer needs.

Meaning and history

Splat, established by Evgeny Demin and Elena Demina in the early 2000s, has grown from a small startup into a leading player in the oral care industry. Its journey began with a vision to create more natural, effective oral hygiene products that were both environmentally friendly and highly effective. One of the company’s initial milestones was the development of innovative toothpaste formulas that combined natural ingredients with advanced dental technology. This unique approach helped Splat gain significant market share, especially among consumers looking for eco-conscious products.

Over the years, Splat has continued to expand its product line, introducing a range of oral care solutions that cater to various needs, from teeth whitening to gum protection. The company’s commitment to research and development has led to several patents and awards, solidifying its position as an industry innovator. Today, Splat holds a significant global presence, with products available in over 60 countries. Its consistent focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability has not only earned it a loyal customer base but also recognition as a leader in oral care solutions.

What is Splat?
Splat is an eco-friendly oral care company that revolutionized the industry with its unique blend of natural ingredients and advanced dental technologies. Focused on creating high-quality, sustainable products, Splat has successfully expanded its reach globally, offering a diverse range of oral hygiene products that cater to various consumer needs and preferences.

2000 – Today

Splat Logo

The Splat logo is very bright and modern. It’s red and white color palette makes is stand out on the shelf.

The confident and bold typeface works great with the color contrast. It’s white clean strict lines located on the scarlet red background give a contemporary and energetic feeling.

The company’s biggest value is a family. They want the very best for their own and their customers’ loved ones. And the logo reflects it good. The red color symbolizes love and warmth, the brand is sharing.

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