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Splat is a Russian brand of oral care products, which was founded in 2000 by Evgeny Demin and Elena Belous. It is a family run company with its main factory in Novgorod Oblast and it’s headquarters in Moscow.

Meaning and history

Splat Logo

The name Splat comes from Spirulina platensis, as the company started with producing cosmetics, based on this seaweed extract.

The Splat logo is very bright and modern. It’s red and white color palette makes is stand out on the shelf.

The confident and bold typeface works great with the color contrast. It’s white clean strict lines located on the scarlet red background give a contemporary and energetic feeling.

The company’s biggest value is a family. They want the very best for their own and their customers’ loved ones. And the logo reflects it good. The red color symbolizes love and warmth, the brand is sharing.