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Northwell Health is an American healthcare company, which was founded in 1997 and today has more than twenty hospitals across the country as well as around 700 medical facilities and educational centers. The company is considered to be one of the biggest healthcare services providers in the USA.

Meaning and history

Northwell Health Logo history

1997 – 2016

Northwell Health Logo 1997
Until 2013, the company was called ‘North Shore LIJ’. This was referenced in their original logo, which depicted this name in several pieces. All of them had tilted, blue letters of a smooth serif font. Besides that, there was also a pale grey arch above these writings.

2016 – Today

Northwell Health Logo

The current Northwell Health logo was designed in 2017 and looks modern and colorful. It is composed is a bright geometric emblem with the wordmark nears its bottom right corner.

The Northwell Health nameplate is executed in a sans-serif typeface, with two words featuring a different thickness of the lettering. The “Northwell”, placed on top is bold, while the bottom “Health” is fine and lightweight.

Both words of the brand’s name use classic blue color, which is a traditional choice for a healthcare industry, as it evokes a sense of confidence and professionalism, as well as security and expertise.

The simple blue of the wordmark is complimented by a multicolor emblem, which consists of 15 triangles, each of its own shade. The sizes of the triangles also vary, creating a flow feeling, adding movement and dynamic to the logo.

It is a nice modern logo, which reflects the company’s progressive thinking and futuristic approach, it shows the quality of services and trustworthy of the brand, which is also friendly and customer-centric.