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Optum is a US company known as a pharmacy benefit manager and health care provider. Under this brand, three subbrands are merged: OptumHealth, OptumRx, and OptumInsight. They deal with a wide range of tasks connected with pharmacy care services, population health, data and analytics, and healthcare operations, to name just a few.

Meaning and history

Optum Logo history
The Optum logo looks dynamic and techy, which conveys the innovative spirit of the company. On the other hand, the warm palette adds a humane touch reminding us that the company deals with people.

What is Optum
Optum is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. It focuses on managing pharmacy benefits and care services.

2011 – 2021

Optum Logo 2011
Optum was formed in 2011, when UnitedHealth Group combined its pharmacy and care delivery subdivisions into the single Optum master brand.

Prior to it, the businesses used to work rather independently of one another, which somewhat limited the number of ways UnitedHealth Group could engage clients more comprehensively.

To resolve this issue, the Optum master brand was introduced. It organized over 500 products, solutions, and services under a single name. All this came with a promise to enable the health system to work better for each individual involved. The logo and the whole visual system were developed by the Prophet consultancy.

The brightest and most unique part of the Optum logo is arguably the emblem. It can be described as a frame or a window floating in the air. It is built up of multiple triangles of various shades of orange, yellow, and gray. The color diversity mirrors the range of products and services offered by the company. There is a distinct dynamic quality, which mirrors the brand’s desire to move forward and embrace the future.

The wordmark, which can be seen to the right of the emblem, is set in a contemporary sans serif font. It is clean and unpretentious due to the lack of serifs and any decorative elements. Due to its simplicity, it’s flexible and highly legible. While such a style may seem generic, the pictorial part of the logo is already unique enough to make this visual brand identity instantly recognizable. Were the type more unusual, it would only distract the viewer’s attention.

2021 – Today

Optum logo

Colors and font

Optum Font

When describing its palette, the brand calls it “bright and cheerful”. It also mentions that, when paired with a white background, these colors “enhance the vibrancy and life of our communications”.

First, there are four primary colors:

– bright orange (HEX – E87722, PMS – 158 C, RGB – 232 119 34)

– bold orange (HEX – C25608, PMS – 2020 C, RGB – 194 86 8)

– marigold (HEX – F2B411, PMS -1235 C, RGB – 242 180 17)

– white (HEX – FFFFFF, PMS – White, RGB – 255 255 255)

The logo also contains other shades of orange and yellow.

There is also a set of neutral colors (gray, in the case of this logotype). The darkest gray that the Optum logo features is Gray 3 (HEX – 636363, PMS – 424 C, RGB – 99 99 99). There are also three lighter hues (HEX – 959595, HEX – B3B3B3, and HEX – E0E0E0) in the neutral palette.

The brand’s primary font comes from an immensely popular family Frutiger and is called Frutiger LT Pro. The font used in the logo, however, is another one – you can see that the “M”, for instance, has a higher central part here. Yet, the font in the logo echoes the core features of the brand’s primary font as it is also clean and functional.