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Crest is an American toothpaste brand, which was established in 1955. The company also offers a range of oral-hygiene goods, that are sold across the world under the brand’s name and the Blend-a-Med label.

Meaning and history

Crest Logo history

1955 – 1976

Crest Logo 1955

The very first Crest logo was created in 1955 by Donald Deskey, who is known for designing several visual identity concepts for Procter & Gamble products.

The wordmark-based logo was drawn in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface with the first “C” in red and other letters in two different shades of blue.

Blue color reflects freshness and safety, while the first “C” was made red in order to make the logo recognizable and it worked. During the whole brand’s history, the Crest wordmark was only modernized, never redesigned completely.

Almost all the versions of the Crest logo featured the original color palette, but the typeface was refined throughout the years.

1976 – 198?

Crest Logo 1976
In 1976, the logo was redesigned, although the style of the letters remained largely unchanged. They did make them darker and tilted them to the right, but that’s about it.

198? – 1994

Crest Logo 1980s
In this design, the resolution of the previous lettering was improved, they streamlined the letters and made them smoother. The coloring also turned back to the former bright palette, while the font itself changed little.

1994 – 1997

Crest Logo 1994
In the 1994 update, the letters were squeezed and made shorter. Moreover, each was outlined with thick, white framing and then a much thinner blue line on the outside.

1997 – 2005

Crest Logo 1997
A few years later, they got rid of both layers of framing and remodeled the letters. Primarily, the style was reimagined into a more fluid, less strict approach. The colors also became paler compared to the previous design attempts.

2005 – Today

Crest Logo

The last redesign of the Crest visual identity was held in 2005 and it was the first big change for the brand — now the lettering is composed of only two colors and the typeface boasts cleaner and more elegant lines.

Executed in a bold italicized sans-serif font, which is similar to Arias Black, the Crest nameplate has its first “C” in red and another lettering in light blue. There is also a white outline of the inscription now, which gains a shining star effect around the letter “C”.

The Crest logo is minimalist year bright and instantly recognizable. The last brand’s redesign made it look more modern and strong, but keep its individuality and uniqueness.