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Turcat-Méry, once a prominent French automaker, was founded by Leon Turcat and Simon Méry. Renowned for their luxury cars, the company primarily operated out of Marseille, France. During its prime, Turcat-Méry vehicles were symbols of elegance and engineering prowess.

Meaning and history

Turcat-Méry Logo

Established in the late 19th century, Turcat-Méry was the brainchild of two ambitious engineers, Leon Turcat and Simon Méry. Hailing from Marseille, they crafted luxury cars that captured the essence of French sophistication. Over the years, they made significant strides in the racing world, earning accolades and recognition. Their automobiles not only performed on the racetracks but also became sought-after pieces for enthusiasts. However, like many early automakers, Turcat-Méry couldn’t sustain the competitive momentum. By the 1920s, the company’s influence dwindled, eventually marking the end of its illustrious journey in the automotive world.

What is Turcat-Méry?
Turcat-Méry was a historic French automaker known for its luxury vehicles. Founded by Leon Turcat and Simon Méry, it operated mainly in Marseille, gaining prominence in the early 20th century.