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Arcfox is a high-end electric vehicle (EV) brand under BAIC Group, a major Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturer. Launched in 2016, Arcfox aims to blend luxury with cutting-edge EV technology, targeting the premium EV market. Its models feature advanced autonomous driving capabilities, innovative design, and high-performance electric powertrains. Arcfox’s creation signifies China’s growing prominence in the global EV landscape, as it seeks to compete with established international luxury EV brands. The brand symbolizes a fusion of technological sophistication and eco-friendly luxury.

Meaning and history

Arcfox, a high-end electric vehicle (EV) marque, was established in 2016 under the auspices of BAIC Group, a major Chinese automotive conglomerate. It was conceived as a response to the burgeoning global demand for luxury EVs. With its inception, Arcfox set out to redefine the electric mobility landscape by merging luxury with cutting-edge EV technology.

The brand debuted its first concept car in 2019, showcasing innovative design and advanced autonomous driving features. This move marked Arcfox’s commitment to leading in the premium EV segment. Notably, the brand emphasizes sustainable luxury, integrating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies in its vehicles.

Arcfox’s journey represents a strategic shift for BAIC Group, highlighting China’s ambition to be a frontrunner in the EV industry. By focusing on high-performance electric powertrains and smart vehicle technologies, Arcfox aims to compete with established global luxury EV brands.

The brand’s growth reflects China’s larger aim to dominate the electric mobility sector, aligning with the country’s environmental goals and its push to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Arcfox, through its innovation and luxury focus, is not just a car brand but a symbol of China’s technological advancement and commitment to sustainable development in the automotive industry.

What is Arcfox?
Arcfox, a subsidiary of China’s BAIC Group, represents a bold foray into the luxury electric vehicle (EV) market. Launched with the ambition of blending opulence with advanced EV technology, it signifies China’s stride towards innovative, sustainable automotive solutions. Arcfox stands as a testament to futuristic design and eco-friendly luxury in the world of electric mobility.


Arcfox logo

The logo features a symmetrical emblem that hints at a stylized fox head with its ears perked upwards, exuding alertness and agility. “ARCFOX” is spelled out in bold, capitalized sans-serif letters, conveying a modern and sleek aesthetic. This emblem embodies the fusion of futuristic technology with the cunning and swift attributes of a fox.