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PGO Automobiles is a French automotive manufacturer primarily known for its sports cars. The company is privately owned by the Prévôt family. Specializing in low-volume production, PGO creates vehicles that often evoke classic car design aesthetics but with modern engineering. The company operates chiefly in France, but its cars have attracted international attention, being distributed in various countries across Europe and beyond. Employing hand-built craftsmanship, PGO stands as a unique player in the automotive industry.

Meaning and history

PGO Logo

PGO Automobiles was founded in 1985 by brothers Gilles and Olivier Prévôt in France. The company started by making replicas of classic cars but soon shifted its focus to creating unique sports cars. One of its notable achievements is the introduction of the “Cévennes” series, a line of roadsters that captured the essence of vintage automobiles while incorporating modern technology. The cars have not only gained a following in France but have also made a mark on an international level. The company has participated in prestigious automotive events and showcases, earning accolades for its design and engineering prowess. PGO continues to be a niche player, concentrating on tailor-made, handcrafted vehicles. It remains privately held and committed to offering a bespoke driving experience for discerning customers.

What is PGO?
PGO Automobiles is a French car manufacturer founded in 1985, specializing in sports cars that blend classic design with modern features. Owned by the Prévôt family, the company focuses on low-volume, hand-built vehicles. It primarily operates in France but has a growing international presence.