Burlington Royals Logo

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Burlington Royals Logo
Having had a single look at the logo of the Kansas City Royals’ farm team the Burlington Royals, you’ll immediately recognize its style – it has been definitely inspired by that of its parent team’s logo.

Meaning and History logo

Burlington Royals Logo history

The team adopted its current name after playing as the Burlington Indians for more than 21 years (as an affiliate of the Cleveland Indians).

Primary symbol

Burlington Royals symbol
The Burlington Royals logo is based on a dark blue shield shape with a crown over it. A large, bold letter “B” is placed at the center of the emblem. Unlike the parent team’s logo, there’s no “Royals” script below.

Cap emblem

Burlington Royals emblem
The shield shape isn’t used on the cap insignia, while the “B” is “wearing” a crown.


The combination of dark blue and gold represents the “royal” theme perfectly.