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Being a part of the American Hockey League, the Toronto Marlies are the top affiliate of the NHL’s club Toronto Maple Leafs.

Meaning and history

Toronto Marlies Logo history

Franchise history
1978–1982 New Brunswick Hawks
1982–1986 St. Catharines Saints
1986–1991 Newmarket Saints
1991–2005 St. John’s Maple Leafs
2005–present Toronto Marlies

1978 — 1982

New Brunswick Hawks Logo 1978

1982 — 1986

St. Catharines Saints 1982

1986 — 1991

Newmarket Saints 1986

1991 — 2005

St. John's Maple Leafs 1991 logo

2005 — 2016

Toronto Marlies Logo 2005
The redesign of 2005 brought a refreshed and brightened logo to the club. The maple leaf got its contours redrawn in a more confident and sleek way, and changed its color palette from light gray to blue and white. As for the lettering, it was also completely changed, and now only “Marlies” was written in the uppercase of a bold sans-serif typeface, with its white letters placed on an arched blue banner with a double blue and white outline.

2016 — Today

Toronto Marlies Logo

The Marlies logo clearly shows the connection with the parent club by using the same design code. Both the logotypes are based on a dark blue leaf with white veins. Marlies replaced the text “Toronto Maple Leafs” from the parent club’s logo by their emblem – a beautiful crown embellished with flowers, the fleur-de-lys symbol, as well as other elements bearing symbolic meaning.

Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Marlies


Color Toronto Marlies Logo

While the team’s official color scheme is comprised of only blue and white, the palette of the Toronto Marlies logo is much more diverse. It also includes red, yellow, and green – the colors that are used for the stylized crown on the emblem.