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The ice hockey team from Boise the Idaho Steelheads have been playing since 1997. Their logo has changed several times since the year of their formation. All in all, there are three primary logos in their collection including versions with minor alterations.

Old Logos

Idaho Steelheads Logo history

Though the team name derives from a species of rainbow trout which is found in the streams and rivers of Idaho, their original logo didn’t incorporate any image of this fish. It featured a hockey mask, a puck bouncing off it, the Boise River and the team name at the top. A trout appeared in 2006 and only in their alternate logo. The Idaho’s primary logo of 2006 includes the wordmark “Idaho Steelheads” against the background of mountains and trees and a puck sweeping along the river, everything in silver, white, black and navy blue.

1997 — 2006

Idaho Steelheads Logo 1997

2006 — 2011

Idaho Steelheads Logo 2006

2011 — Today

Idaho Steelheads logo

Present Logo

Idaho Steelheads hockey Logo

Beginning with 2011 the franchise’s primary logo is their alternate logo of 2006 with a trout (or Steelhead fish) placed vertically beneath the team name, while their primary logo of 2006 serves as an alternate one. For the 2017-2018 season the primary logo was altered with new fonts and an improved color palette in order to stay current. Thus, they eliminated black and made the lettering sharper.