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Thredup is an online clothing store, launched in 2009. The store offers products of over 30,000 clothing brands, and much of what they sell is garments for children and women. Even so, there is a large variety of products, including everyday wear, sportswear and beach accessories. Some products are also thrift clothes, sold at a fair price.

Meaning and History

The company was founded in 2009, partially as a thrift store. Nowadays, they sell a large selection of worldwide brand, including everything from Gucci to Gap. The name is derived from ‘thread’ – a common synonym for clothes. The ‘up’ bit symbolizes that the word before it is a verb, thus pushing customers to action, so to speak. At least that’s the official connotation.

2009 – today

Thredup Logo

The original logo depicts just the name of the company, written in (almost) one line of capitalized sans-serif letters. They are fairly tall and bold, but there’s nothing really special about their design. The only thing that stands out is the ‘up’ part. To make it slightly apart from the main part, they elevated these two letters a bit. There are many different variations, but they usually positioned a third or a half higher than their counterparts to the left.


Thredup Emblem

They use two similar, but still different fonts for this logo. The logic behind the choice is unknown. Sometimes it’s a simple, linear sans-serif. At other times, the letters are closer together and slightly different (actually, the only thing that changes is a lower bar in the ‘R’, which becomes more wavy and flexible). Other than that, the characters are always tall and bold.


Thredup Symbol

The letters almost always black, there’s no surprise there. There is another main color that they use on occasions for their emblems and generally for branding. It’s a blueish-green shade that they use primarily for background. It’s either utilized as a solid green area or in bubbles of that color amidst the white.

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