Gap Logo

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Gap Logo
Throughout its almost 50-year history, the clothing line Gap has seriously redesigned its logotype only once. There were also a couple of minor modifications and an unsuccessful redesign attempt in 2010.

Meaning and history

Gap logo history

The original Gap logo introduced in 1969 featured the brand name in rounded lowercase letters. Each of the three letters was based on the circle shape. Also, there was “the” placed above the “g” at a sharp angle, creating playful and unique effect. The 1976 modification resulted in a slightly bolder typeface, while “the” was positioned horizontally.
gap new logo
The iconic Blue Box logo was born in 1986. It featured the word “GAP” – this time, without “the” – in a condensed serif typeface. All the letters were capitalized. The white wordmark was put inside a blue square.

The 2010 symbol redesign

symbol Gap
In the fall of 2010, the company went through a whole logo scandal. Having introduced a new logotype, Gap faced so much criticism that it had to return to the previous one after several days.
The infamous logo, which was credited to Laird & Partners, featured the name of the label in the Helvetica typeface. A small blue square with gradient was placed at the top right corner. Why was the emblem criticized? First, for the choice of the unfashionable and generic Helvetica font, which was overused in the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to this, no one seemed to see the point in the square gradient. The “crowdsourcing” approach also attracted negative response.

The 2016 emblem

emblem Gap
It was only six year later that the brand dared modify the emblem once again. The blue box was removed to leave the simple black wordmark on the white background.


gap logo font
The condensed serif font used for the Gap logo resembles the Spire Regular typeface developed by Ann Pomeroy. The typeface was definitely customized, which can be clearly seen if you take a closer look at the serifs and their thickness.


gap logo redesign
The original and the current logotypes share the same black-and-white color scheme, while the wordmark used in 1986-2016 featured white and a saturated shade of dark blue.
Gap Logo color