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Tableau Logo
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Tableau is the name of an American software developer, which was established in 2003, and is most known for its products in analytics and data visualization. The company was acquired by Salesforce in 2019, and today has a revenue of about 1 billion USD.

Meaning and history

Tableau is a family of interactive data visualization and processing products focused on business intelligence. This easy-to-use application allows you to quickly and efficiently solve business problems of any complexity and reduce the cost of analytical processes.

Tableau helps to conduct an in-depth analysis of a large amount of information and present the results in a convenient and intuitive form. The application interacts with cloud solutions, such as Dropbox and Google Tables, as well as modern data analysis tools, such as Python.

Today, several versions of the program are released under the Tableau brand, as well as additional products extending the functionality. An extensive community of professionals and enthusiastic amateurs has been formed around Tableau, and it allows people to exchange experiences and contribute to the improvement of the service.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is the company, which creates software solutions for visualization, analytics, and business data processing. Today the Tableau software is used by more than 100 thousand businesses across the globe, including Amazon, Apple, Pfizer, and many other international giants.

As for the visual identity, Tableau is very minimalistic and clear, with its geometric lightweight emblem, creating a professional and meaningful image with the help of laconic clean elements. The badge of the software perfectly reflects its progressive approach and confidence.

2003 — Today

Tableau Logo

The Tableau logo is traditional in its composition and consists of a graphical emblem, and a logotype, which can sometimes be used separately. The emblem of the software features a simple circle formed by nine simple plus signs in different sizes and colors, from light blue to orange. This image symbolizes cloud technologies, and also each plus sign stands for the letter “T”, for “Tableau”.

As for the logotype, it is a stylized lowercase inscription in calm dark blue letters, with the “T” written as a plus sign, and the “L” as an elongated vertical line. All other letters are also custom but have some resemblance to such sans-serif fonts as Benton Sans Book and Epura Medium (letters “A” and “B” modified).

The color palette of the Tableau logo represents all the strong sides of the software: its expertise and confidence — dark blue, its creativity — light blue, progressiveness and energy — orange, power, and passion — red, wisdom, and safety — calm purple.