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Dentrix is the name of a dental care software designed for Microsoft in 1985. The program was a pioneer in the segment and until today is one of the most popular software for dentists.

Meaning and history

Dentrix Logo history

Dentrix, a prominent company in the dental software industry, was founded by Henry Schein, a renowned figure in the healthcare distribution sector, in 1985. This foundation marked the beginning of a transformative journey in dental practice management through innovative software solutions. The company, since its inception, has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology in dentistry, revolutionizing how dental practices operate.

The main achievements of Dentrix are deeply rooted in its continuous evolution and adaptation to the changing landscapes of dental technology and practice management. It became a trailblazer in integrating digital radiography and imaging directly into management software, greatly enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of dental practices. Furthermore, Dentrix led the charge in developing and implementing electronic prescription services and other digital advancements, setting new standards in the industry.

Currently, Dentrix holds a commanding position in the dental software market. It is recognized for its comprehensive and user-friendly solutions that cater to the diverse needs of dental practices. The company’s enduring commitment to innovation, customer service, and the integration of the latest technological advancements continues to shape the future of dental practice management, solidifying its status as a leader in the industry.

What is Dentrix?
Dentrix is the software, created by Microsoft, and used by dental care specialists from all over the globe. The software helps in management and leading the patients and their life cycle.

before 2014

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The very first logo for Dentrix was created with the launch of the software, in the 1980s. It was a simple yet confident and stable black horizontally oriented banner with a white italicized lettering in the uppercase on it. The inscription was set in a modern and bold sans-serif typeface and was underlines by a delicate and thin uppercase “Dental Systems” tagline.

2014 – Today

Dentrix Logo

The Dentrix visual identity is composed of a brand’s name lettering with a stylized letter “X”, which is also used as the software’s signifier.

The wordmark is executed is a strong modern sans-serif typeface which is slightly italicized. All capital letters of the nameplate feature bold and confident lines, which a perfect reflection of a professional software brand.

The royal blue color of the Dentrix logo perfectly represents the authority and expertise of the program, evoking a sense of confidence and security.

The letter “X” is formed by two crossed lines — the first is dark blue and straight with a square cut, it goes from the top left corner to the bottom right, and the second line is light blue, closer to green, with the elongated tail. The symbol is dynamic and energetic, it adds uniqueness to the brand’s logo and makes it memorable and recognizable.

The Dentrix logo is minimalist yet strong and modern, it is a perfect visual identity for professional medical software, which is not boring and not overloaded.