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Python is the name of a programming language, designed in 1990 by Guido Van Rossum. The language uses various programming paradigms and is known for its universality.

Meaning and history

The Python logo, designed by Tim Parkin, remains untouched since the date of its creation. It is an instantly recognizable visual identity, which was only slightly modernized throughout the years.

Python Emblem

The Python logo is composed of an iconic emblem with a wordmark on its right. The emblem depicts a two-colored snakes image, which was based on the ancient Mayan drawings. They usually represented a python with a shortened tail and a big head.

The Python wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is executed in a fine and elegant sans-serif typeface, where the upper parts of “T” and “H” are diagonally cut.

Python Logo

The blue and yellow color combination of the emblem is balanced by a calm gray of the inscription. The Python tricolor is a reflection of creativity and professionalism, it also evokes a sense of confidence and stability.

The Python logo is timeless and memorable. Being only refined throughout the years it always looks contemporary and actual, using a bright color palette and traditional yet elegant shapes.