Photoshop Logo

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Photoshop logo

Photoshop is a computer program, used for graphics creation and edition. Starting in 1988, Photoshop has been the most used graphical software in the world, both by amateurs and professionals.

Meaning and history

Photoshop Logo history

Photoshop has been the world’s leader in graphic design programming for over 30 years and its visual identity history is as rich as the possibilities of the famous editor.

Photoshop redesigned their logo once they got an update for the program, so there were around 15 versions of the PS emblem created.

The 1990s

All the Photoshop logos designed in the 1990s were based on the emblem with the eye. The very first eye image was a monochrome pixel graphics simple, yet very recognizable. By the end of the decade, the Photoshop emblem became more detailed, gained a red square framing and a black shadow.

The 2000s

The “Eye” era was replaced by a feather. Diagonally placed in a square, the Photoshop feather was colored blue and green, representing imagination, creativity and artistic approach. It was a fresh and friendly logo, evoking very kind emotions and celebrating art and design.

The 2010s — Today

The 2010s Photoshop logo style was based on minimalist and laconic approach. The iconic PS logo featured a dark blue square with a lighter tone frame and lettering. The color palette was slightly alternated and the emblem itself was refined and made more vivid and dynamic by 2015.

It is a strong visual identity, which is instantly recognizable and represents the authority and expertise of the brand.

2017 for iOS

In 2017 Photoshop created its most colorful icon ever. It was a designer for iOS program update and features a multi-color square with embossed PS letters on it. It looked cool and stylish, with the volume and motion.