App Store Logo

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App Store Logo
App Store is an Apple platform for getting mobile applications on iOS devices. It was launched in 2008 with only 500 apps available and today it has over two million various applications in all the possible categories.

Meaning and history

App Store Logo history

The App Store visual identity was always based on one and the same color palette and the letter “A”. But until 2017, the iconic App Store “A” was composed of a pencil and a paintbrush with the ruler as a horizontal bar of the letter.
This artistic symbol was a reflection of a wide variety of content, available in the Apple Store and was one of the most recognizable app icons ever.
The redesign of 2017 came with the release of iOS 11. The light blue and white color palette remains untouched, while the letter “A” is simplified and modernized.
App Store Logo
The new sleek letter “A” repeats the contour of the previous version, but in smooth rounded lines. It looks more confident and elegant, giving more space for imagination and creativity.
apple app store logo
The rounded ends of the letter bar perfectly balance the rounded angles of a blue square, which looks friendly and welcoming in the used color. The white “A” shows loyalty and trustworthiness, as well as evokes a sense of security and reliability.