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One of the teams of the Mexican League Baseball, the Delfines del Carmen played from 2012 to 2016. It was formed out of the franchise called Tecolotes de Nuevo Laredo.

Meaning and history

Carmen Delfines Logo history

If you doubt what the name of the franchise means in English, just take a look at the Delfines del Carmen logo. The creature it features, a dolphin, leaves no doubt regarding what the word “Delfines” means.


Carmen Delfines Logo 2011
The Carmen Delfines logo from 2011 was executed in bright and lively green and purple color palette, with the white baseball with red stitches, swimming in blue waters, framed by the arched image of the jumping dolphin from above, and the script green “Delfines” wordmark under it. The lettering was outlined in thin white and medium purple and looked distinct and eye-catching.

2012 — Today

Carmen Delfines logoThe Carmen Delfines logo that was actually used during their games was somewhat simpler. Gone were the sea scenery and the bridge, while the dolphin grew larger. The palette, which was now dominated by soft shades of blue, looked muted in comparison with the original one.

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