Benelli Logo

Benelli Logo

Benelli is a legendary motorcycle label from Italy which was organized in 1911 by the Benelli family. The company started from a small workshop and soon became one of the most popular motorbike manufacturers.

Meaning and history

One of the oldest European brands of Motorcycles, Benelli boasts a very colorful visual identity.

The Benelli logo is composed of a circular emblem, placed on a thick line with diagonally cut sides. The wordmark is located inside the circle of the emblem.

The Benelli insignia is a gradient silver medallion with a green wreath around its inner perimeter. Inside the wreath, there is a walking white lion and three white starts with a black outline. The brand’s name inscription is set in the middle.

Benelli Logo

The loan has been the symbol of the company since its early years. The graceful and strong animal is a representation of power and energy. While the stars point on the successful future of the brand.

The Benelli wordmark is executed in a classic bold typeface with diagonal line cuts.

The Benelli logo is timeless and elegant. It is a celebration of the brand’s legacy and strength. One of the most interesting and recognizable logos is the motorcycle industry. It is unique and colorful, perfectly balancing the immaculate design of the brand’s motorbikes.