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DC2 is a brand evolution of DC Design, conceptualized by the same automotive visionary, Dilip Chhabria. It marks a new phase, headquartered in India, aimed at pushing the boundaries of car customization into the future. DC2 continues the legacy of transforming vehicles into luxurious, bespoke creations, catering to an elite clientele that desires exclusivity and design excellence. The “2” signifies an advanced chapter in the company’s narrative, focusing on next-level innovation in automotive design.

Meaning and history

DC Design, an eminent Indian automotive design company, was established in 1993 by visionary Dilip Chhabria. Originating in Mumbai, it marked India’s foray into custom automotive design. The company initially gained acclaim for extravagantly modifying cars, giving them a unique blend of luxury and style. Over time, DC Design expanded its portfolio to include concept vehicles and prototypes, showcasing innovative designs at major auto expos.

DC2 is the rebirth of DC Design, an illustrious Indian car design legacy, reimagined by its original founder, Dilip Chhabria. Envisioned as a step forward, DC2 emerged to craft the future of bespoke automotive design, while paying homage to its predecessor’s reputation for unique and luxurious car modifications. From its inception, the company has been synonymous with exclusivity and innovation, serving an upscale market with tailored designs that blend artistry and automotive technology. DC2 not only represents a new chapter in the company’s history but also a recommitment to pushing the limits of personalized vehicles, offering unparalleled elegance and style.

What is DC2?
DC2 represents the transformative progression of DC Design, heralding a new era in bespoke automotive refinement. Under the aegis of Dilip Chhabria, it’s a brand that redefines luxury car personalization, infusing avant-garde design with pioneering craftsmanship.


DC Design logo old

The logo displays a stylized “DC” where each letter mirrors the other, forming a striking and balanced emblem. The letters are characterized by sharp angles and linear precision, suggesting a modern and progressive identity, reflecting a brand that values innovation and forward-thinking design. The bold black color reinforces strength and elegance, encapsulating the company’s focus on sophisticated automotive artistry.


DC2 logo

In this iteration, the “DC” monogram evolves, now incorporating a numeral “2”. The addition creates a visual twist, suggesting a sequel or new chapter for the brand. The “2” merges seamlessly with the letters, maintaining the logo’s sleek, angular design language. This subtle yet impactful change hints at innovation, hinting that the brand is moving forward, perhaps indicating a second generation or an expanded line within the company. The stark black remains, preserving the logo’s established boldness and professionalism.

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