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Hailing from Bulgaria, Sin Cars is the brainchild of engineer Rosen Daskalov, distinguished for engineering sports cars with a race-ready edge. The enterprise marries high-octane performance with bespoke design, catering to aficionados of speed and luxury. Noteworthy for their distinct vehicle architecture, Sin Cars embodies cutting-edge tech with tailor-made features, serving the adrenaline rush of the racetracks and the opulence of the high-end car niche, all while boasting an avant-garde aesthetic.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2012 by Rosen Daskalov, a Bulgarian engineer and racer, Sin Cars emerged in Great Britain as a producer of elite supercars. Their first creation, the Sin R1, stood out with its powerful 6.2-liter V8 engine, blending road legality and sporty prowess. The company, in its growth trajectory, shifted its base first to Munich, Germany, and then to Ruse, Bulgaria.

Embracing future trends, Sin Cars announced a venture into electric vehicles in 2018. They have also made their mark in competitive racing, participating in prestigious events like the GT4 European Series and the Pirelli World Challenge.

What is Sin Cars?
Sin Cars, the brainchild of Rosen Daskalov, stands out in the auto industry for crafting vehicles that marry the thrill of motorsports with everyday drivability. Spearheaded by a Bulgarian visionary, the enterprise ventures beyond traditional supercars, pushing into the realm of electric mobility. This pivot underscores their dedication to innovation and technological evolution in high-octane motoring.

2012 – Today

Sin Cars logo

The logo of Sin Cars presents a bold, red ‘S’, forming a sleek, continuous loop. The ‘S’ dominates, symbolizing speed and dynamism, while ‘SIN’ nestles securely within, hinting at inclusion and precision. Underneath this striking motif, the company’s name, “SIN CARS,” is inscribed in a bold, sans-serif typeface, reinforcing the logo’s modern aesthetic. This textual element anchors the logo, emphasizing the brand’s identity in the automotive industry. The use of red conveys energy and passion, integral to the brand’s identity. This emblem is minimalist yet evocative, reflecting the company’s focus on performance and modern design.

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