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Spyker is a sport-cars manufacturing company, which was established in 1999 in the Netherlands. Specialized on the design and production of exclusive luxury vehicles, Spyker sold around 1000 cars during its relatively short history.

Meaning and history

Spyker Logo history

1880 – 1926

Spyker Logo-1880
The very first badge for Spyker was created in 1880 when the company was specialized in the production of airplane engines. Though it had no graphical elements o and images of wings. It was a bold and modern black script-style logotype, executed in thick lines, with smooth angles of the letters and straight flat cuts of the lines. The first uppercase “S” of the logo looked elegant and playful.

1999 – Today

Spyker Logo

The Spyker visual identity is fully based on the tribute to history, and shows the brand’s roots — it grew up from the aircraft manufacturing company, which was also called Spyker.

The logo of a high-end cats brand is composed of a rounded emblem, depicting an airplane’s engine with its impeller, and the wordmark, placed around the white framing.

The wordmark features the name of the company, located on the top part of the circle, and the motto of the brand “Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Vía” written in laying along the bottom part of the frame’s perimeter.

The Spyker logo is unique and stylish. Its shape and elegant color palette makes it instantly recognizable and always actual.

What is Spyker?
Spyker is a European sports car brand, which was established at the edge of two centuries, in 1999, and became a symbol of a new generation of automobiles. The brand grew from the company, which manufactured engines for airplanes.