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Appollen is a brand of electric vehicles created by Apollo EV Pte Ltd, a company based in Singapore. This innovative brand is notable for being the world’s first to integrate electric vehicles with blockchain technology. Appollen stands out with its unique business model and a self-developed smart cockpit system that blends transportation, entertainment, and financial functionalities. Their mission is centered on promoting sustainable green practices through the use of electric vehicles and blockchain-based carbon credits.

Meaning and history

Appollen, under Apollo EV Pte Ltd, started in Singapore in 2022, marking a significant leap in electric vehicle (EV) innovation. Its foundation is distinct for blending EV technology with blockchain, a pioneering step in the automotive sector. The company swiftly gained recognition from top international investors for this novel approach. Appollen’s ethos revolves around sustainable, green practices, leveraging EVs and blockchain-based carbon credits to promote environmental responsibility.

The brand’s initial focus was on Southeast Asia, aiming to deliver 100,000 units annually before expanding into global markets, notably Europe and the U.S. Their strategy includes establishing showrooms, lifestyle stores, and fast-charging stations, starting with the Malaysian market. Their lineup features diverse models, emphasizing performance, fashion, and an enjoyable electric driving experience.

Central to Appollen’s philosophy is the integration of transportation with entertainment and finance, achieved through a self-developed smart cockpit system. This system represents a fusion of modern technology and user engagement, positioning the vehicle as a ‘third space’ for consumers. The company’s “Drive to Earn” concept, backed by blockchain, exemplifies their commitment to innovative customer experiences, merging the realms of automotive technology, digital engagement, and ecological sustainability.

What is Appollen?
Appollen, an initiative of Apollo EV Pte Ltd, is a trailblazing enterprise based in Singapore, established in 2022. It stands out in the automotive industry by uniquely integrating electric vehicle technology with blockchain, aiming to revolutionize both transportation and sustainable practices. This innovative blend positions Appollen at the forefront of green technology and user-engagement in the evolving electric vehicle market.


Appollen Logo

The logo features a striking shield design, with a rich, deep red backdrop overlaid by a majestic, spread-winged eagle in white. Above the eagle, a bold blue banner houses the brand name “APPOLLEN” in capitalized, sans-serif font. This emblem combines elements of strength and freedom, suggesting a brand identity rooted in power, innovation, and the soaring spirit of ambition.

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