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Sono Motors, launched in Munich, stands out in the car industry for its solar-integrated Sion vehicle. This car’s self-charging capability through solar panels sets a new precedent in energy-efficient transportation. Committed to eco-friendly travel, Sono Motors strives to make solar electric vehicles accessible, showcasing its dedication to green innovation within the vehicle sector.

Meaning and history

Sono Motors, launched in 2016 in Munich, Germany, by visionary co-founders Laurin Hahn and Jona Christians, represents a significant leap in eco-friendly automotive solutions. Their brainchild, the Sion, is an exceptional electric car adorned with solar cells on its surface, a novel concept in automotive design. This integration allows the vehicle to harness solar energy to recharge its battery, enhancing its range and reducing dependency on traditional charging infrastructures.

The Sion stands out not just for its solar capabilities but also for its role as a versatile power source, capable of energizing other electronic devices and electric vehicles. Sono Motors focuses on making sustainable mobility accessible to the average consumer, steering clear of the high-end luxury market. This approach is reflected in the Sion’s design, which prioritizes functionality and efficiency.

Sono Motors adopts a community-first strategy, actively engaging potential users in its development process, thereby fostering a sense of ownership and community among its clientele. The company’s journey hasn’t been without challenges, typical of start-ups in the automotive field, such as securing funding and navigating production complexities. Nevertheless, Sono Motors has successfully rallied public support through crowdfunding, underscoring a growing demand for eco-conscious transport options.

What is Sono Motors?
Incepted in Munich, the Sion by Sono Motors redefines eco-conscious travel, harnessing solar power for energy independence. This venture, dating back to 2016, intertwines renewable energy with mobility, propelling the ethos of self-sustaining transportation.


Sono Motors logo

The logo showcases a sleek, modern design featuring the brand name in a clean, sans-serif font. Central to the logo is a circular motif, reminiscent of both a solar cell and an electric vehicle wheel, hinting at the company’s fusion of solar energy and mobility. The simplicity of the black and white color scheme emphasizes clarity and focus, reflecting the company’s commitment to straightforward, eco-friendly solutions in transportation.