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Perodua is the name of the automaking company from Malaysia, which was established in 1992, and today is considered to be the largest in its country, with the Proton brand as the main competitor. The company produces five major models of cars, which include sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs, based on Daihatsu and Toyota models.

Meaning and history

Perodua Logo history

The main thing, which makes the Perodua logo instantly recognizable is, of course, its color palette. A combination of green and red, complemented by delicate white or silver details, has been with the brand since the very beginning, becoming the inevitable part of its identity and its signifier, no matter what the shapes of the badge were throughout the years.

1993 – 1998

Perodua Logo 1993

The very first Perodua logo was composed of a simple square in a thin white outline, where the massive green “P” with no space on its upper part, was placed on a bright red background, which actually could be seen only on a small part in the upper right corner of the square, and is a bit bigger one — on the bottom. The “P” was outlined in thin white, which made it more visible, and the contrast between the two main colors — stronger.

1998 – 2007

Perodua Logo 1998

The redesign of 1998 changes the style of the Perodua badge and added a logotype under the emblem. The new badge featured a horizontally oriented oval shape, with the stylized green “P” separated from a drop-like right red part by a thick silver line, coming vertically through the whole badge. On this version of the logo, the Perodua “P” resembled a profile of a panther, evoking a sense of freedom, speed, and motion.

The green and red shades on this emblem were darkened and muted in comparison to the original logo, but it didn’t make the logo less eye-catching or recognizable, on the contrary, it became sleeker and more sophisticated, letting only the silver parts gloss and shine.

The inscription, placed under the elliptical badge, was executed in an ExtraBold italicized sans-serif typeface with thick lines if slightly narrowed letters. The “O” was o larger and featured a horizontally striped black and white pattern resembling the car wheel. The lettering was a little bit too heavy for the elegant badge, but looked pretty good on its own, being a strong and bright graphical representation of the brand’s power and determination.

2007 – Today

Perodua logo

In 2007 the Perodua logo was redesigned again. Its oval badge was refined and today we can see a gradient green and red combination in a thick silver frame. The whole badge is matte and voluminous, having its edges softened. The new emblem looks perfectly balanced in terms of thickness and colors and is complemented by a delicate and modern sans-serif logotype in black, placed under it.

The new inscription is written in the uppercase, with only the last letter, “A”, in the lowercase column which adds uniqueness to the brand’s visual identity and makes it stand out. Now all the letters feature the same size and thickness and are executed in a sleek and trendy font with smooth lines and full shapes.

Font and color

The Perodua lettering looks very elegant and sleek in its new sans-serif typeface with elegant contours of the letters and their distinct ends and cuts. The typeface of the Malaysian automaker’s visual identity is pretty close to such fonts as FF Signa around Pro Extended and Indecise Semi Expanded Medium, but with some lines modified.

The red and green color palette of the Perodua logo represents balance and harmony between the passion, energy, and stability of the company. The colors also reflect its progressiveness and courage in applying innovative technologies, yet keeping the comfort and safety of the customers and the number one value.

Two bright colors of the Perodua logo are complemented and equalized by matte silver and black, the shades, which stand for professionalism, stability, and seriousness, and which also make the badge look more elegant and timeless when placed directly on the Perodua cars.