SNVI (Société Nationale des Véhicules Industriels) is a state-owned Algerian company that specializes in the manufacture of various types of vehicles including buses, trucks, and industrial vehicles. Owned by the Algerian government, SNVI was initially founded as Saviem-Algérie in 1967, later renamed to SNVI. The company operates mainly within Algeria but has also exported to other countries. With multiple factories, SNVI is one of the largest industrial companies in Algeria and contributes significantly to the nation’s economy.

Meaning and history


SNVI, or Société Nationale des Véhicules Industriels, was established in 1967 as Saviem-Algérie before taking its current name. Owned by the Algerian government, this enterprise primarily focuses on the manufacture of a range of vehicles, including trucks, buses, and industrial machinery. SNVI is a major player in Algeria’s automotive industry and has been at the forefront of vehicle manufacturing, introducing several models tailored for both domestic and commercial uses. Some of its significant achievements include the modernization of its factories and the introduction of newer, eco-friendly vehicle models. The company currently operates mainly within Algeria, but it has also exported its products to other African nations and beyond. SNVI remains a cornerstone of Algerian industry, with ongoing initiatives to innovate and expand its market share.

What is SNVI?
SNVI (Société Nationale des Véhicules Industriels) is an Algerian state-owned automotive manufacturer, specializing in buses, trucks, and other industrial vehicles. Founded in 1967 as Saviem-Algérie and later renamed, the company is a significant player in Algeria’s industrial landscape. It primarily operates within Algeria but also exports to other countries.