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Polaris Inc., founded in 1954 in Minnesota, USA, is a global leader in the Powersports industry. Known for pioneering a diverse range of outdoor recreational vehicles, Polaris designs, manufactures, and markets innovative and high-quality ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and electric/hybrid vehicles. With a focus on enhancing outdoor experiences, Polaris also offers a comprehensive range of vehicle parts, accessories, and apparel. The company, listed on the NYSE, is dedicated to enabling adventure and outdoor enjoyment through its products and services.

Meaning and history

Polaris Inc., initially Polaris Industries Inc., was established in 1954 in Roseau, Minnesota, by Edgar Hetteen, Allan Hetteen, and David Johnson. Originating as a farm equipment manufacturer, Polaris shifted focus to snowmobiles, making a significant impact with the 1956 Polaris Sno Traveler. The company’s prominence in the snowmobile market was solidified after Edgar Hetteen led a 1,200-mile trek across Alaska in 1960, showcasing the durability and utility of their snowmobiles.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Polaris continued to innovate in snowmobile designs. The 1980s marked their expansion into the ATV market, introducing pioneering models like the Scrambler and Trail Boss. This diversification continued over the years, as Polaris acquired various companies, including the iconic Indian Motorcycles brand. They further ventured into electric vehicles with investments in Brammo, Inc. and made a significant move into the boating industry by acquiring Boat Holdings LLC, expanding their range of powersports products.

Polaris has also expanded its manufacturing footprint globally. They opened plants in Mexico and Alabama to cater to growing international demand. The company’s evolution from a snowmobile manufacturer to a diversified powersports and lifestyle brand was acknowledged in 2019 when it changed its name from Polaris Industries Inc. to Polaris Inc. This change reflected its broadened focus and diverse product range, encompassing everything from snowmobiles and ATVs to motorcycles, electric vehicles, and boats​​​​.

What is Polaris?
Polaris Inc. is a global leader in the powersports industry, renowned for its innovative and diverse range of outdoor recreational vehicles. Founded in 1954 in Minnesota, USA, the company has evolved from its initial focus on snowmobiles to a broad portfolio that includes ATVs, motorcycles, and electric/hybrid vehicles, along with related parts, accessories, and apparel​​​​.


Polaris logo

The brand’s name is derived from the Latin name of the guiding star, Polaris, and reflects the concept of the company – to be a leader in its industry.

Polaris, or the North Star or Pole Star, is famous for holding nearly still in the sky while the entire northern sky moves around it. That’s because it’s located nearly at the north celestial pole, the point around which the entire northern sky turns. Polaris marks the way due north.

Color palette

Emblem Polaris

The color palette of the Polaris logo is a great reflection of the brand’s name. Cold blue wordmark on a white background. The combination of colors make the distinct typeface look more confident and clean, showing all the beauty of its geometrical lines.

A blue color is a very popular choice for many companies’ logos, as it symbolizes professionalism and quality. It also creates a sense of security, loyalty, and constant technological development, the main brand’s characteristics.

Polaris develop its appliances in accordance with the latest trends and technological progress to create comfort in its consumers homes.

Font and Color

Polaris Font

The smooth and bold Polaris logotype, executed in a rounded sans-serif typeface with straight letter-cuts, has a white polar star inside its “O” as the main element, so all the other letters look neat, laconic, yet elegant due to the softened angles of the contours, balancing the sharp points of the star. The typeface of the capitalized inscription is very similar to such fonts as Corporatus and Roland TB 303.

The calm shade of blue in the Polaris color palette is complemented by white details and background, which add a cold and refreshing feeling, showing at the same time the professional approach of the company and its reliability. Blue is the color, that is most strongly associated with technologies and quality, and this is what the brand values most.

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