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Smule is a company known for its social music-making and collaboration apps for iOS, Android, and Web. It is based in San Francisco, California, US.

Meaning and history

Smule Logo history

The brand was started in 2008 by Jeff Smith and Ge Wan. It was originally headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

2008 — 2014

Smule Logo 2008

The original Smule logo looks pretty much like the 2014 version. You can see the name of the brand in a rounded minimalist type. All the strokes that could be removed, have been removed (for instance, the “tails” at the top left part of the “M” or the lower right part of the “U”). The overall feel is clean and smooth.
The shape of the letters perfectly fits the circle shape above the “l.” The circle (or three circles, to be precise) paired with the letter represents a human finger pressing a button (apparently, on a touchscreen). We can assume it is a kind of a “play” button. Also, there is another interpretation, which is also relevant for the brand: the “l” as an antenna and the circles as the sound waves (or the radio waves).

2014 — present

Smule logo

Both the gray and the green have grown darker, which means they provide better contrast. Also, the three thin rings have been replaced by two thicker rings. This also has made the picture better visible, while also making it cleaner.


The smooth and clean lines of the type look friendly and evoke the feeling one gets from musical harmony.


The original palette of the Smule logo combined gray with green. Green, as the color of the leaves and the grass, is a very peaceful and relaxing color. These qualities are more than beneficial for such a brand.
We can add, however, that the design is often given in other colors – the choice depends on the visual context.

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