Morrisons Logo

Morrisons Logo

As Morrisons has almost 500 superstores across Great Britain, its logo is well-known in the country. It has been redesigned several times for the last six decades to keep up with the time and to attract customers.

Meaning and History logo

Morrisons Logo history

When William Morrison, the founder of the company which is now known as Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, opened his first store in 1899 he sold eggs, milk and butter. Today the company is a supermarket giant, the fourth largest and the third oldest in the UK.

The first Morrisons supermarket logo appeared in 1961 when the first supermarket was opened. It was a pink oval with the capital letter “M” in black paired with the wordmark “Morrisons Supermarkets” in all caps against a pink rectangle with black boarders.

The logo became iconic and lasted over 40 years, having undergone some slight alterations.

The 1979-2007 Emblem

Morrisons emblem

The first modification was in 1979. The oval with the letter “M” was placed inside a rectangle with a black background. The lettering “Morrisons” was underneath against a white background. The colour palette included black, yellow and white. Yellow was incorporated to make the emblem look friendlier and fresh.

The revamp of 1985 introduced two subtle changes ‒ a lighter shade of yellow and the serif typeface for “Morrisons”.

The 2007 Symbol

Morrisons symbol

Time passed, and Morrisons needed a softer and more modern brand image, especially as its geographical spread had expanded. So in 2007 they substituted the existing brand identity with a new one, made by the global design giant Landor Associates. It retained the traditional “M” symbol, the oval and the wording “Morrisons” but made the original Egyptian font thinner, replaced black with green, which smoothed over the contrast, and used a different shade of yellow.

Though the concept was practically the same, Landor won a Gramia award and the DBA gold award for this project. Morrisons also benefited from the refreshed brand identity ‒ the supermarket chain started growing faster.

New Logo

morrisons supermarket logo

In 2016 Morrisons released a new logo. It rid itself of the capital “M”, the green colour introduced in 2007 and the geometric style of the font. Instead, the wording “Since 1899” appeared at the bottom as a reference to the company’s heritage and a tree with yellow leaves growing out of the letter “i”. All the letters except the “M” are lowercase and more rounded, which is considered to be friendlier.