Costco Logo

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Costco Logo
Although the Costco logo has stayed mostly consistent in its overall look, there have been quite a few changes in the details.

Meaning and History logo

Costco Logo history

The predecessor of the Costco company was the Price Club warehouse founded in 1976. The logotype featured the name of the store in white against the orange and green background. In the updated emblem (1993), the words “Price Club” were blue, while the background was grey.


Costco Emblem
As the Costco brand appeared in 1983, the need for a new logo became obvious. The original Costco logo featured the name of the company in comparatively discreet shade of red against the white background. It was used in 1983-1993.


Costco Symbol
The 1993 update brought about a new italic typeface and a blue line under the word “Costco”. In the 1997 logo, bold letters were used, while the word “Wholesale” appeared under the name of the company.


Font Costco Logo
The typeface featured on the latest Costco logo is a version of Futura Extra Bold Oblique. It was customized by slanting and extending the letters. The author of the original Futura Extra Bold Oblique type was Paul Renner.


Color Costco Logo
Red and white has been the basis of the Costco logo starting from the very first version. The shade of red has altered twice, while the blue color was added to the palette in 1993.