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Milwaukee is an American corporation, which was founded in 1924 and specialized in the production and distribution of different power tools, from digital meters to hand saws. Since 2005, the brand is a part of Techtronic Industries. The company is one of the most famous in its segment and has over one thousand employees.

Meaning and history

The Milwaukee visual identity is sharp and remarkable. Its instantly recognizable logo is composed of a stylized wordmark, which looks modern and powerful in a bright red color.

The company uses a red and white color palette, which is used in two versions — white lettering on a red background and red inscription on white. Both options look brave and powerful, reflecting the passion and progressive character of the brand and showing its willingness to move and grow.

The toolmaker’s logo has always been the same — customized lettering, which is placed slightly diagonally in order to create a sense of progress and innovations, and that’s what the company has always been about.

Logo Milwaukee

The flashlight sign under the wordmark is a symbol of strength and power, it also represents the courage and reliability of the brand, which main value is the quality of the products and their customers’ satisfaction.


The label’s wordmark is executed in a custom script typeface with sharp angles and bold lines. Its letters are narrowed and look neat and confident. The logotype’s font is based on a Millie Bold typeface, with some lines refined and modernized.

The elongated and pointed tail of the letter “M” balanced the flashlight underline of the logo and adds sharpness and power to the whole picture.


The company, which was founded in the 1920s, was the American leader in the manufacturing of tools. Since its establishment, Milwaukee Tools always provides its customers with the most durable and reliable power instruments, such as hand tools, pliers, screwdrivers, knives, and tool combo kits and many others.

Milwaukee Logo

The company has a very rich history. In 1975, they were acquired by Amstar, then sold to Merrill Lynch in 1986 and Atlas Copco in 1995, and today they are the part of Techtronic Industries, which is based in Hong Kong. Though Milwaukee Tools is headquartered in Wisconsin, USA, they have their production facilities not only in North America but also in China, which enables producing more tools per year and opens new markets to the brand.

Milwaukee is constantly growing and developing. The company tries to release new products every year and provide innovative solutions in its segment. Milwaukee tools are focused on expanding their range of products, but the high quality of tools doesn’t change because of it.

The label manufactures cordless tools, drill sets, power tools, organization solutions and more to complete projects of any difficulty with greater ease and efficiency. Batteries from certain Milwaukee tools might be interchangeable with other tools, so the company does its best to save its customers time and bring better results.