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The unique emblem featured in the Tarkett logo makes up for the austere type.

Meaning and history

Tarkett Logo history

The roots of Tarkett can be traced as far back as to 1972. It was then that the company called Sommer-Allibert was born as a result of the merger of Allibert (founded in 1913) and Sommer (founded in 1880). In the fall of 1997, French Sommer-Allibert and German Tarkett AG were merged and adopted the name Sommer-Allibert S.A. Eventually, the company was renamed Tarkett in 2008.

1999 – 2005

Tarkett Logo old

In older products and print materials, there was no roundel emblem, only the writing. The Tarkett logo used to be red on the white background, while the current version is basically white or black depending on the background.

2005 – 2021

Tarkett Logo

The logo features the word “Tarkett” paired with a roundel. While at first glance, the roundel may seem somewhat reminiscent of the yin-yang symbol, in fact, it looks more like a spiral. The unusual shape with multiple rounded elements creates a dynamic impression.

The writing features an austere sans serif type. The only letter that is capitalized is the initial. The glyphs are bold and have a utilitarian feel – you will hardly find any decorative elements here. The only unusual part is that the two “t’s” share one horizontal bar. As a result, they form a single glyph.

The simple yet utilitarian style of the type conveys the brand’s message emphasizing the quality and reliability of the products.