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User Interviews is a company dedicated to assisting teams in discovering user insights through fast access to quality participants. This focus is driven by their belief in the critical role of consistent user feedback in successful product development.

Meaning and history

User Interviews Logo history

User Interviews emerged from the aftermath of a failed mobile travel app project. In the summer of 2015, the founding team faced the harsh reality that their product didn’t resonate with users. With determination still on their side, and a budget north of $100,000, they brainstormed over a hundred new product ideas. They were keen to avoid their past mistake of building a product without user validation. This realization led them to prioritize user research.

Over three months, they methodically vetted up to ten different product concepts, consistently hitting roadblocks that dampened their confidence. As summer waned, they contemplated whether to return the remaining investment funds. However, their relentless focus on user needs eventually guided them to pivot to the current User Interviews platform, which connects researchers with participants for user studies. Their journey is a testament to the importance of user-centered design and perseverance in the startup world​​.

Before 2021

User Interviews Logo old

The logo with the words “USER INTERVIEWS” in a bold, sans-serif typeface. The text is presented in all capital letters, which could symbolize the brand’s emphasis on clarity and authority. The color of the text is a deep shade of green, often associated with growth, vitality, and a fresh perspective.

2021 – Today

User Interviews Logo

This logo presents the phrase “user interviews” in a lowercase, sans-serif typeface, exuding a modern and approachable vibe. Preceding the text, there is a graphic composed of three overlapping shapes in different shades of blue and green. These shapes could be interpreted as abstract representations of people or user profiles, symbolizing the collaborative and human-centered approach of the brand. The varying shades may represent diversity and the range of users or perspectives the company engages with.