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Cloudflare is an IT company, which was organized in 2009 in the United States and specializes in computer-security and content-management services alongside domain registration.

Meaning and history

Cloudflare Logo history

The Cloudflare visual identity was designed in 2009 and redesigned just once, in 2016, keeping the color palette and the composition of the original logo.

The Cloudflare logo is comprised of a wordmark with a bright emblem above its right “Flare” part.

The inscription in all the capital letters is executed in a simple bold sans-serif type-face with a lot of room between the lines, which makes the logo look light and fresh.

2009 — 2016

Cloudflare Logo 2009

2016 — Today

Cloudflare emblem

The Cloudflare emblem is a graphical interpretation of the company’s name. Com-posed of an orange cloud and a white flare in it, it looks modern and neat. Especially in comparison to the original version, where the three-dimensional cloud and the flare beyond it were drawn too detailed.

Cloudflare logo

The orange and black-and-white color combination of the Cloudflare logo represents the strong and dynamic company, which values progress and security. The company, that is powerful and creative, the one, that moves forward every day.