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My Stake stands as an avant-garde platform in the realms of digital gambling, pioneering the integration of cryptocurrency in the casino and sports wagering ecosystem. This innovative portal offers a diverse array of gaming experiences, catering to enthusiasts of strategic casino table games, the dynamic thrills of sports betting, and the cutting-edge domain of eSports. Recognized for its pioneering use of blockchain technology, My Stake facilitates secure and speedy transactions, establishing itself as a hub for crypto-savvy gamblers. With its inception in the late 2010s, the brand has steadily ascended as a trusted name, assuring players of a transparent and fair gaming environment through stringent regulatory compliance and robust encryption protocols.

Meaning and history

Launched in the year marking the end of the 2010s, My Stake emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of cryptocurrency gaming. With authorization from Curacao’s governing bodies, the platform is a brainchild of the Cyprus-registered OnyxioN B.V. It rapidly carved a niche in the digital gaming sphere, boasting a vast trove of 6,500+ diversely-themed games, including virtual sports, immersive live casino experiences, and comprehensive sportsbooks. The portal not only rides the cryptocurrency wave but also champions it, offering a variety of digital currencies to facilitate secure transactions. Ingrained with a deep-rooted ethic of ensuring participant security, My Stake employs cutting-edge SSL encryption coupled with stringent policies to promote responsible gaming. As it strides forward, its reputation for trustworthiness and a player-centric approach continues to attract and retain a dedicated following within the cryptocurrency community.


My Stake Logo

The visual identity of “My Stake” is distinguished by an emblem that blends playfulness with a contemporary flair. The script of “My Stake” unfurls with smooth, voluptuous contours that capture a sense of nimbleness and modern spirit. “My” is portrayed in a gentle hue, softly contrasting with the more pronounced and bold “Stake.” The logo adopts a range of blues.