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Scion is a brand of budget cars created by Toyota in 2003. The company focused on providing the young audience with affordable automobiles which could be personalized.

Meaning and history

Scion Logo

Scion brand didn’t have a long life, but its concept was very interesting and promising. The brand focused on modern design vehicles and its visual identity was really stylish.

The Scion logo is composed of a futuristic emblem with a wordmark on it. The wordmark is executed in a unique custom sans-serif typeface with sleek bold lines with rounded angles and sharpness of the letter “S”. It is dynamic and full of energy font when the first letter reflects the movement and forward-thinking.

The Scion emblem was designed by a California-based Fresh Machine bureau and features a stylized letter “S” enclosed in an oval frame with a horizontal thick line with a wordmark.

Executed in metallic-gray color the emblem is three-dimensional and resembles a sharp blade or even a space ship, which shows the brand as strong and confident, progressive and creative.

It is a strong visual identity, which is elegant and contemporary due to its color palette, and future-centric and young in its sharp shapes and symbolism.