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LiXiang a company from China, which in 2015 literally broke into the world of the automotive industry. Its founder, Li Xiang, immediately decided to make the biggest bets and called its main competitor the famous Tesla of Ilon Musk.

Meaning and history

Li Auto, aka Li Xiang, was founded by Internet entrepreneur Li Xiang, who previously created China’s premier automotive web resource Autohome Inc., and then ran electric car startup NIO, now one of Li Auto’s main competitors.

The name of the Li Auto brand in Chinese is Li Xiang (理想) which translates to “dream”. The naming story is very simple: the founder of the company is also named Li Xiang, but his name is written in different hieroglyphs.

But there is a little secret in the international name of the company. The word Li is actually an abbreviation that stands for “Leading Ideal”. Such a name fully conveys the positioning of the brand in the market. It is a premium brand that uses the most advanced technological solutions.

Li Auto’s technology is based on hybrid charging schemes that extend the range of electric vehicles. The company faces significant competition in the Chinese electric vehicle market but differentiates itself from its competitors with its combination of hybrid technology and extended range. The company is also looking to improve its transportation technology with artificial intelligence and other advanced developments.

The flagship of the young company Li Auto has already managed to take the national automobile award. Conceptually, the L9 is a large family crossover, a competitor of the BMW X7, Mercedes-Benz GLS, and Range Rover. Structurally, it is a sequential hybrid with two electric motors with a total output of 449 hp, a rather large battery, a gasoline generator, and a claimed total range of more than 1000 km. The L9 crossover is the result of the evolution of the acclaimed Li One debut model in the local market.

Right now, Li Auto only produces sequential hybrids. But by 2025, the company will produce five electric cars. The first of them will be a huge Li Auto MEGA minivan – the company is finalizing work on it, actively conducting road tests of the MPV.

Overall, LiXiang is becoming increasingly popular among Chinese buyers due to its fast pace of development and advanced technology, making it one of the key players in the electric vehicle market.

What is LiXiang?
LiXiang is the name of an automotive company from China specializing in the production of electric vehicles with extended ranges. The company entered the market in 2015. Li Yunyu – the founder of one of the largest internet portals in the country has also become the CEO of LiXiang.

In terms of visual identity, LiXiang is super modern and sleek. The company uses a stylized geometric emblem, which is sometimes followed by the full name of the brand in a simple and even modest sans-serif typeface.

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LiXiang Logo

The black-and-white logo of the innovative Chinese automaker looks futuristic and perfectly represents the essence of the brand. It is composed of a graphical part, with the stylized “Li”, where “L” is drawn in a thick line with a rounded angle and straight sharp cuts of the ends, and the “I” is formed by two equal parallelograms, slanted to the left. The black emblem is usually followed by a simple title case inscription in black medium-weight lines.

Font and color

LiXiang Emblem

The “Li Auto” lettering, written after the emblem on the primary logo of LiXiang, is written in a standard sans-serif typeface with no outstanding elements. The font, used for this insignia, looks pretty close to such types as Marlin Sans Medium, or Associate Sans Regular.

As for the color palette of the LiXiang visual identity, it uses a traditional yet the most powerful combination of black and white, with the primary version featuring black characters on a white background, and the second option with the reverse shades. When placed on the LiXiang cars, the emblem turns silver, but more matte than glossy, which looks very stylish.