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Exeed is a new car brand that entered the market in 2017. Exeed is owned by the Chinese automobile group Chery Automobile Co. Ltd, which is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China. The brand has entered the market to offer consumers a new generation of cars with advanced technology and high-quality performance.

Meaning and history

The parent company Chery Automobile was founded in 1997 in Anhui Province in eastern China. The first two years were spent entirely on recruiting personnel and forming the material and technical base, but in May 1999 the company started manufacturing engines, and in December the first cars rolled off its assembly line.

The debut model was a sedan Fengyun, assembled on Ford equipment purchased in Great Britain. Initially, Chery focused exclusively on the Chinese market, but by 2009 the company was already exporting cars to several dozen countries, and further their number only grew.

The main segment of Chery has always been small cars, and therefore in 2017, it was decided to organize a separate division of premium crossovers and SUVs. Thus began the history of the Exeed brand. An international team of specialists from 5 countries was assembled to create and develop the Exeed brand: USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and South Korea.

The name EXEED was chosen not accidentally, whether the brand from the beginning planned to “surpass the boundaries and limits”. Thus, the manufacturer unambiguously makes it clear that you should expect something more from the cars under the brand name Exeed than from other serial models. And this is indeed true.

It is noteworthy that the first country where Exeed was going to open its dealer network and start officially supplying cars was supposed to be the UAE, but by coincidence it became Russia.

The concern announced the start of serial production in 2019, at the international exhibition in Shanghai.

In 2021, Exeed launched the VX concept model, which became the flagship model in the Chinese sub-brand’s lineup. The crossover features outstanding performance, signature design, and premium equipment. As of 2023, Exeed vehicles are sold in China, CIS, South America, and the Middle East.

And already in 2023, Exeed has revealed its first electric vehicles: the ES sedan and ET crossover from the new Sterra series. These cars will be equipped with functional traction batteries from CATL. The manufacturer has emphasized superior aerodynamics, interactive exterior options, and an advanced entertainment system from Huawei. The expected range will be up to 700 kilometers.

Today, the Exeed range is a premium-class SUV, in which high technology, comfort, aesthetics, and safety are in perfect balance with the price set for them. The LX, TXL, and VX models are designed for those who want to get the most out of the vehicle but are not in a hurry to pay for the prestige of the brand.

What is Exeed?
Exeed is the name of a Chinese car brand, which is a division of Chery and specializes in the production of SUVs and crossovers. The first car produced under the new brand was the Exeed LX compact crossover, presented in April 2018, at the International Auto Show in Beijing.

In terms of visual identity, Exeed follows its “luxury path”, and uses a sleek and soft shade of gold for the logotype. The brand has chosen to use only the lettering for its emblem, which reflects its progressive and innovative approach to design and production.

???? – Today

Exeed Logo

The logo of the Chinese automaking brand is composed of two parts: the lettering in English on the left, and the Chinese name of the company on the right. Both parts are set in one color: smooth and slightly pinkish gold. When placed on the Exeed cars, the gold gets more intense and shiny. The logotype is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with extended characters, which creates a very confident and solid look.

Font and color

Exeed Emblem

The uppercase lettering from the primary logo of the Exeed car brand is set in a custom sans-serif typeface, which is based on one of the commercial fonts, such as, for example, Akrux Bold or Tactic Sans Extra Extended Bold, but with the angles of the first and last characters softened.

As for the color palette of the Exeed visual identity, it is based on a pinkish shade of gold, which also has some orange tones when placed on the cars. This color makes the emblem look luxurious and chic, showing the focus of the brand on quality and style.

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